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The small, prosperous town of Nyah sits on the banks of the mighty Murray River. There’s horse riding at Mulberry farm, local wineries to visit, or try your luck with a hook and line for a legendary Murray cod - arguably the best-eating freshwater fish in the world.  If you can’t resist the call of lakes, there are several in the area, including the quaintly named Lake Poon Boom.  Nyah Forest is a protected wetlands and forest area along the Murray which is also proving a valuable stalking ground for anthropologists. More than 100 Aboriginal mounds have been located in the forest and they have offered invaluable information on prehistoric life and society in the Dreamtime.

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Nyah West


In 1915 the railway line was extended northwards from Swan Hill, bypassing Nyah and prompting the formation of the Nyah West township. In the mid-1920s the local fruit-growers co-operative built a packing shed at the railway siding. Nyah West was the site of the district hospital (1920s) and a grain elevator was added in 1943. Nyah West thus became the business focus of the Nyah district. But with the cessation of passenger trains beyond Swan Hill, the downturn in rail freight and shrinking of rural populations, Nyah West and Nyah are now similar in size with populations of around 600 each.

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Swan Hill

The Pyap Riverboat operating cruises on the Murray River at Swan Hill

In the early 1850s, a wharf on the Murray River was built and Swan Hill became one of the region's major inland river trading ports. Agriculture has since spearheaded the town's prosperity with the clearing of surrounding land and the use of the river for irrigation. Vast vineyards and citrus, stonefruit, and almond and olive groves surround Swan Hill and extend many kilometres to the north-west. Located 29km from The Depot, this rural city with a population of 12,000 and substantial tourism sustain a busy commercial centre, a Regional Art gallery, fine restaurants, a monthly farmers market, cinema, live music venues, concerts and  other arts events. There is also a hospital and allied health services. 

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Lake Boga


Pack your picnic basket and watersport paraphernalia and head south of Swan Hill to Lake Boga. The lake has an area of approximately 800 hectares. During the summer it is used by locals and visitors for skiing, sailing, fishing, swimming, canoeing and kayaking. The Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum is a well-known memorial to those who worked on and with the Flying Boats during World War II, particularly commemorating the contribution made by service men and women stationed at the No. 1 Flying Boat Repair Depot, Lake Boga, Victoria.Local volunteers rebuilt the aircraft, A24-30, on display today and have re-constructed the adjacent Communications Bunker using original plans and photographs to resemble its wartime state. The Lake Boga Story Wall depicts local culture and history onto a stunning hand cut glass mosaic sculpture. Each image describes and tells a story of our past and present.

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Lake Tyrrell


Situated 85km from The Depot, Lake Tyrrell is the largest inland salt lake in Victorian and an attraction for tourists and photographers  from all over the world, drawn to the mesmerising scenery, stunning sunrises and sunsets and breathtaking night skies. Enjoy the stillness and quiet of this unique environment. The word “Tyrrell” derives from the Aboriginal word “Tyrille” meaning SKY or SPACE- both of which are in ample supply at Lake Tyrrell. During wet and warm periods, Lake Tyrrell turns pink from the red pigment secreted by the pink micro-algae red marine phytoplankton.r

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